Impossible to re-create, all reclaimed wood is unique and beautiful in its own way. Every piece served a different purpose at one point in time, a timber holding up a 19th century Canadian barn, an oak rail-car floorboard carrying cargo in France. This history shaped an incredible line of materials perfect for any project.

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Carefully sourced and salvaged, our 100% reclaimed wood cladding is easy to install and is bursting with character. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Options : Rough boards (random), back-planed, exact dimensions, tongue & groove, shiplapped.

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We offer an extensive collection of flooring options made from both our reclaimed wood and new wood with a reclaimed look. Available in both solid or engineered. Pre-finished or un-finished. Style options include : Plank flooring, Hungarian point, Herringbone and Versailles panels.

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A new arrival in the Atmosphere & Bois family, Ghostwood is an alternative, innovative, repurposed wood product that preserves nature. This line offers 5 different colors, sometimes very close to the color and texture of barn wood. The boards are all cut to exact dimensions (several sizes available). Used for covering exterior and interior walls. Three different profiles: straight edges, tongue and groove and shiplap. The company cares about the environment in the use of its materials and finishing products. The woods are FSC and SFI certified and are recycled from forests that have been affected by fires and insects.

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The back-bone of the barn for centuries. Milled painstakingly by hand, these timbers can be re-used as beams, decoration, or even in furniture. Species: Pine, Hemlock, Oak, Elm, Ash or Douglas Fir. Appearance: Hand / axe-hewn or smooth surface. Size: 4″ x 4″ to 12″ x 12″ in width and 4 to 30+ feet in length.We also offer a wide selection of unfinished mantels. Using our hand-hewn timbers, we re-saw one to two faces to allow mounting on a wall. We stock various shapes and sizes to fit in any application.

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Kitchens deserve a reclaimed look too! Manufactured in Europe, our 3 & 5-Ply panels are 100% reclaimed wood throughout and faced with either our European Grey or European Brown barn board. These are perfect for any cabinetry, kitchens, doors, or even shelving. Dimensions : 20mm (13/16″) x 1222mm (48″) x 2000-4500mm (6-1/2 to 14′). Specifications : Rustic look, small, sound knots allowed (up to 13/16″), small checks, variance in colour, 10 – 14% moisture content.

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Easy to install, perfect for the D-I-Yer. Panel board is a collection of our reclaimed wood options, pre-milled into exact dimensions. We recommend using a 18ga brad nailer to install. Dimensions : 5/8″ thick, 3,5,7,9,11″ widths, 32 to 64″ lengths. Options : Canadian Grey, Canadian Brown, Canadian Brushed, Euro Grey, Scaffolding, Wagon Floor, Painted Red.fonds de wagon, planches peintes.

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A trademark feature of any barn, the barn door is nothing new. We offer custom made barn doors & hardware using our reclaimed wood options to bring this feature into your home. Come visit our showroom for ideas and one of our sales representatives will gladly assist you through the entire process.

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